Journey to China
The soul’s seashore
Wings for thoughts
Cabo de Gata, beyond reality
Love and trees
The barely inhabited landscapes of Atacama
Portraits, emotional image
Egypt, the look on time
Seville, interior city
Palencia, return to Ítaca.
The Zapillo almeriense metamorphosis
Sicily, an island of closed windows

Each one of these projects has been accomplished with the same passion with which one travels through life. Each project has its own reason for existing in relation with the world, and also in relation with my own personal path.

All the photographic work has been taken, edited, developed and stored following the established conservation and museum quality standards.

Each photograph has its characteristics written using a graphite pencil on the back: signature, title, date and place where it was taken, serial number, date of copy, and size of the printed area. Most of the photographs are available in sizes between 24 x 30 cm. and 100 x 80 cm.

The black and white photographs were taken using photographic film, and they were later developed in an analog photographic laboratory using a traditional gelatine silver process.


The colour photographs were also taken with photographic film and developed in an analog photographic laboratory. The colour photograph negatives were converted into high quality digital files in a digital photographic laboratory, and then we used these photographic files to make the copies on cotton paper using mineral pigments.


Fotografías y textos © Margarita González

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